My home is sick.

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Do you love your home?

Did you take good care of it?

If yes, here is my next question. 
Do you have a care in our mother-earth?

If yes, why our mother earth is now in critical condition.

Earth is the first and will be my last home…

When I was a child, I’m not aware what is happening in our earth. I don’t have a care if I throw a candy wrap anywhere. Why? Because, I thought that earth will clean my candy wraps. Funny right? Back then I just have an innocent mind since, they never mentioned that I should have clean and love our environment. Earth can live without human but human will “NEVER” live without mother-earth. So now, I took an action to help mother nature. First, I disciplined myself in terms of throwing a waste in a right place. I put my candy wraps, plastic bottle, etc. In a garbage bag. Simple action but can give a big changes and help in our environment.  

People should change their attitudes towards to our environment.  

How we could help the environment?

Here’s some advise…

  1. Start in ourselves.  You should practice to put your simple candy wraps in garbage bin. Or any waste or plastic.
  2. Always remember the simple 3Rs. Recycle,  Re-use and Reduce.
  3. keep the place clean.
  4. Segregate your waste.
  5. Plant trees in your area.
  6. Minimize the use of electricity 
  7. Minimize the consumption of water.
  8. Discipline yourself. 

    It has a lot of things that you could help the environment but my advise is just a basic. Next thing you can do in our mother earth is to keep and make it green. As an adult, we should start teaching our kids how to put our simple candy wraps in a proper place. Teach them to plant a tree, and how to take good care of our nature. Tell them that we need to take good care of it so, that they are knowledgeable and capable to do what is right to help the environment. Let them know what is happening if we let the earth destroy.

    Simple things but can result a big changes or impact in our environment. Yet, it’s still in our own hands the decision if we let the earth destroy. 

    As an adult, I’m now practicing and disciplined myself towards in this kind of issue. When the time came that I’m starting to be aware in climate change I became afraid that we might be lost or destroy the earth. So, I watched first the documentary of Al gore. I became inspired when I watched his documentary  about climate change. Then, I decided to be part of an organization in our school that have an advocacy in terms of “Kalikasan” or we called “Environment”. They clean the area, encouraging and teaching people to do simple things to help the environment such as to keep your simple used bottled water and plastic in garbage bin or don’t just throw it anywhere. This organization also teached us to plant trees in some forest or mountain that had a forestration. And when the time that I got a chance to be with this organization I starting to know my interest,  and  to be responsible how to take good care to the earth that given to us from the creator.  I became inspired and determined that I will help and support this organization to change and try to heal the wounds of our mother-earth. In this kind of step I’m proudly to say that it can give a good result and impact to our nature.  They encouraged me and starting to learn more from them. 

    Let’s start the new habit. We must prioritize also our mother earth. So that, the next generation could see how the world beautiful it is…

    Keep the place green and clean. Lets the next generation can see the world 🙂

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